Artist Statement

Who doesn’t love a sugary, luscious treat or a big juicy cheeseburger? As a painter, I am attracted to the synthetic colors and patterns that make them visually appealing. My paintings capture the essence of these delicious artificial foods by using imagery of these delicacies, some rendered and descriptive, others primitive and loose. The richly textured surface of my paintings which can be grungy and sooty juxtaposed with the vibrant synthetic pigments of the acrylic paint that are cheerful and jubilant reflects the internal struggle that most sensible adults go through when deciding to eat these sorts of foods. The visual gratification of my paintings translates into the real feeling that you can actually taste the foods on display.

My process is intuitive and reactive with each decision made in the painting predicated upon the previous decision. The process begins with sourced images, real and photographic with color ideas cultivated from the objects themselves and my imagination. Layers are then built up on the painting surface with collage, rendered painted images, stencils, sketches and expressive mark making using mixed media. The images of the objects are continually obliterated and revived within the subsequent layers of paint and collage, almost like the foods are being eaten and then replaced, mimicking the continual cycle of accumulation and consumption that makes these foods so popular in our capitalist society.

Cooking and eating are sensual experiences much akin to art making and painting even though they encompass different senses. It only seemed natural for me to combine my love of food and eating into my painting practice. The appeal of processed foods, like candy, cheeseburgers and doughnuts is undeniable. Their bright colors and cloying tastes added to the constant barrage of advertising about the joys of these foods makes them almost unavoidable. My paintings become a virtual experience of eating these foods, saving fat, calories and sugar while providing the same hedonistic joy.



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