Bria Luu was born in Lansing, Michigan, and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida. She received her BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Painting and Printmaking from Michigan State University.  The artist is currently an instructor teaching children and adults through the non-profit Lansing Art Gallery and as a Grumbacher Painting Instructor through Michael’s Arts and Crafts.

The artist lived in Puerto Rico for five years and having lived in the Caribbean has really influenced the style and tone of her artwork, which mainly consists of two-dimensional mixed media paintings, collages, prints and drawings. The vibrant color used in her paintings and the juxtaposition of antique and decaying items gives her artwork a nostalgic yet modern feel. She implements a wide range of textures to create unique backgrounds for the various collage elements that are showcased in her work. In describing her process, the artist states, “In making my paintings, I strive to find a balance between grungy, ephemeral elements and the vibrancy of modern paint. My art tells the story of a forgotten piece of paper, photo or other ephemera and how it has survived in our 21st century society.”

Bria Luu has participated in various group shows in Florida, Puerto Rico and Michigan. Most recently, she will have her first solo show, Optical Ambrosia at Gallery 114 at the Kresge Art Center.  Three of her pieces were accepted into the Governor’s Artist Residence Show 2010 and two pieces were accepted into the Lansing City Streets Exhibit. In the Lansing City Streets Exhibit the pieces were reproduced into posters and displayed on the downtown Lansing sidewalks for the entire summer of 2011.


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